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Our 7 day service for Powered Access

What is 7 Day Hire?

We understand that not all working weeks are 9 to 5 Monday to Friday, so our 7 Day Hire is a Monday to Sunday contract. 
This means you’re able to use the MEWP out of hours and through the weekend, whilst still having full access to our back-up service and engineer call-outs between 08:30am and 5:00pm – even on a Sunday. With this contract, you pay for use of the machine from Monday to Saturday and get Sunday FREE OF CHARGE!

Is 7 Day Hire the best option on a project that requires flexibility?

If you are working on a project that requires flexibility to work throughout the weekend, our 7 Day Hire option has you in mind. 

If you are thinking about hiring a machine on a standard contract for 5 days, it might be worth considering if you could benefit our 7 Day Hire contract as you will get Saturday and Sunday for the price of 1 extra day. 

What is a standard contract?

A standard contract is Monday to Friday. However, we also offer hires from 1 day, to weekend hire only, to long term. 

What if I require assistance over the weekend?

Our normal back-up service that comes with our standard Monday to Friday contract will be available to you over the weekend with our 7 Day Hire contract. If you require assistance over the weekend, please call us on 03301 340 209.

Can I just book a machine for the weekend?

You can book a machine for just the weekend. You can find our more here. Although if you anticipate working through the week as well, we recommend our 7 Day Hire option.

Can I book 7 Day Hire Online?

Yes, please log in to your account here. You can select your date range of 7 days and the machine you require to obtain an instant quote. 

If you don’t have an AFI account but would like to open one, please register your details here.

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