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Underbridge Units for Hire


Underbridge Inspection Units

Whether you need to work alongside or under the bridge for maintenance, inspection or repair, our underbridge units can help you perform your required job quickly and safely.

Access to Difficult Places

Underbridge units offer quick and safe access to most difficult places beneath bridge structures. These underbridge units excel in difficult to reach places, and as they are designed to reduce traffic disruption, they allow you to inspect bridge structures quickly and efficiently. The extendable boom arms allow you to work underneath the bridge structures and make it easier to reach places behind or between large structures.

Infrastructure Maintenance:

These multifunctional units provide a cost-effective bridge inspection with flexible solution to identify bridge maintenance requirements and asses the effectiveness of treatments.

They are ideal access units for bridge inspection, repair of bridges, harbour walls, retaining walls, and other areas where the best point-of-access is from above.

Range of Working Reach:

Our underbridge units can be deployed to use for under bridges or can be utilised as aerial work platforms. With flexible working heights, our underbridge units can go as low as 21m, but can also raise to the heights of many MEWPs. For example, our Aspen A-62 can raise to heights of 15.65m, giving these access machines great versatility on the job.


Machines For Hire

  • ASPEN A-62  
  • Underbridge Unit
  • Underbridge Unit
  • MOOG230  
  • Underbridge Unit
  • Underbridge Unit
  • SIMON UB40  
  • Underbridge Unit
  • Underbridge Unit

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