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MEWP Security


SmartZone, a system developed by Infobric, controls and monitors the use of powered access and gives the hirer full visibility of equipment and people.

  • Contractors have full control.
  • Access by “Smart Card” technology.
  • Visible audit trail of machine usage and operator competency.
  • Flexible multi or single user access.
  • Will not work with alternative machine control boxes.
  • Links to other Infobric software controlling access, power, storage and environmental controls.

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SmartZone product specification PDF

SmartZone case study


KeyZone prevents unauthorised MEWP use. The stand alone unit locks and unlocks the machine’s upper control functions and is available as a pre fitted option on our rental fleet.

KeyZone benefits:

  • 8 digit passwords, 100 million possibilities, 200 user defined combinations.
  • Keypads are small, secure and use Piezo technology (so no moving parts)
  • Vandal and tamper resistant with lock out facility.
  • Anodised graphics provide wear resistance and long life operation.
  • Operates at temperatures -40°F to + 250°F.
  • "AFI Safe Start" technology so other control boxes do not work.

Click here to download product specification PDF.

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