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FAQs - MEWP Hire


Yes you can! We have an online AFI portal and an AFI App where you can hire a machine online in minutes, 24/7. Our online services also give customer’s access to Invoices, LOLERs, PDIs, Live Contracts and Recent Contracts.

Already an AFI customer? If you have already registered for an AFI trading account (or received a quote) you would have automatically received an email asking you to activate your AFI Online account. However if you haven’t activated your online account, you can do so here

New to AFI? If you don’t have an AFI trading account you can apply for one here. You will automatically receive your online account details once your trading account has successfully been set up.

Do you want to hire a boom lift, scissor lift or any other kind of MEWP, and are not sure where to start?

Well, thankfully, opening a powered access account is an easy job - due to our automated system (and with a little help from you), we can help you open an AFI credit account within a few hours.

Firstly, you want to know which machine you want to hire – this is something you can find out by visiting our website here – and then once you have decided which is right for you and your circumstance*, you can open an account with us here.


  • First, submit your email address you want associated with the account, and whether you are a sole trader.
  • Secondly, enter your personal details (name, job title, contact numbers).
  • Thirdly, enter your company details – this will include a company search, invoice address contact information, your company type, and where you are located.
  • Fourthly, press submit. Once approved, you will be able to hire using our online portal, via phone, or by simply getting in touch with your sales representative.

What's next?

From there, you will be able to take advantage of our great customer support, our wide range of machines, and our decades of industry knowledge, which makes us one of the UK's leading powered access hire specialists.

You can view our range of truck mounted, track mounted, and van mounted cherry pickers, as well as other MEWPs on our website, here. And if you require help training for working at height on one of our powered access platforms, we can offer IPAF training in the classifications you require.

*If you do not know what machine would suit your site, you can take one of our IPAF Site Assessment courses. If time is of the essence, we are able to carry out the site survey for you.

You can off hire your machine 24/7 via the AFI Online portal or the AFI App by selecting the machine currently on hire in your online account by selecting ‘off hire’. You will receive an automatic email confirmation once successfully off hired.

If your machine has broken down or you are experiencing a technical fault please call 03301 340 101. The Central Service Hub will require the following details to help resolve the issue as quickly as possible:

  • Fleet or serial number, normally located on the side of the machine or on the LOLER plate (which is near the ground controls).
  • Hiring company name or if it's a third party we need the actual customer to contact us where possible
  • Site contact name and telephone number
  • Fault
For more information on common MEWP faults please refer to this helpful article.

You can track the delivery and collection of your machine hire in real time here by using your contract number. With our online tracking feature you are able to see where the unit is on route at any time, quickly and with ease.

If you don’t have your contract number to hand you can find this in your AFI Online portal or AFI App and you will also find the tracking link available on your delivery and collection email confirmations.

If you need to call us to speak to us directly:

Our 'Super-Set Service Level Pledge' is where we will undertake to deliver any Super-Set machine under "Available" status within 48hrs (or 72hrs if the machine requires a 48hr movement order), providing the delivery site is within 50 miles radius of the nearest AFI depot. Read our full Super-Set Service Level Pledge here

If you need to familiarise yourself with any of our machines before use please visit our range of familiarisation videos with the aim of taking you through the Familiarisation procedures that need to take place before operating the MEWP, and the Emergency Lowering procedure should you need to use it. You will also find these familiarisation videos on AFI order confirmation emails.

Alternatively, the user can also refer to the MEWP’s operator’s manual contained within the plastic box within the cage of the MEWP.

You can view a machine's LOLER certificate, quickly and efficiently via the AFI Online portal by going to'‘my account'-> 'live contracts'->'contract documents'.

When deciding which powered access machine is right for the job you should consider the following key factors:

  • What is the access to the site
  • Width, height and ground condition restrictions
  • Height and outreach required by machine
  • Photos of the actual point of works and one panoramic image to see the work area clearly.

You can also consider enrolling yourself or relevant colleagues onto the IPAF Site Assessment (for MEWP selection) Training Course offered by our training division UTN Training. This half a day eLearning course guides candidates through the process of determining the optimum MEWP for a given task. The course is theory-based only and incorporates an exam and on successful completion a certificate will be granted to the candidate.

We can conduct site surveys remotely. To enable us to do this please contact us using our contact us form with the information listed above which will greatly assist us.

Our specialist hire division Wilson Access Hire also offers site surveys for truck mounted cherry picker and spider lift hire.

Our comprehensive PQQ pack includes all the standard information necessary in regards to your MEWP hire. For specific requests please fill out our contact us form.

It is important that operators are competent and have received the appropriate training for using a MEWP. Through our sister company, UTN Training, we offer IPAF courses from our depot network across the UK. IPAF training is designed to enable operators to safely and proficiently manoeuvre, drive and position the MEWP.

Familiarisation of the equipment in use is critical as a key factor in MEWP operator accidents is a lack of familiarisation about the machine. The operator’s manual should be supplied with all MEWPs and available to operators. Operators should be familiar with the manufacturer’s guidance, the features and control functions of the specific model of MEWP being used and have knowledge of the operation of safety devices and emergency lowering procedures. Each machine can have different controls and emergency procedures, so it is important to be familiar with the machine before each use. We offer familiarisation videos for operators to watch prior to using the machine, these videos are available for all machines in our fleet and can be viewed here.

Working at height is a high-risk activity and a proper site specific risk assessment should be carried out prior to using the machine. Working on a gradient, wet or rough terrain will affect the choice of equipment, so we recommend that you discuss this with us before you hire.

Under UK law, MEWPs must receive a LOLER. Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER) must be thoroughly examined at least every six months by a competent person.

You can view a machines LOLER quickly via the AFI Online Portal.

MEWPs are often hired out on a weekly hire rate, but we offer everything from one single day to long term hire. The cost of hiring a MEWP will depend on a number of factors such as:

  • The height you need to work at
  • The fuel type of the machine
  • The type of machine you will require to gain access

To easily find out how much it will cost for you to hire the machine you require, view our machine range and calculate a price here.

We offer competitive equipment hire rates to our account holders. An account can be opened here.

Cherry pickers have a 'safe working load' (SWL) set by the manufacturer. This is how much the combined weight of the worker and tools the machine can lift into the air. Too much weight means the cherry picker can become unstable, so it is important to keep within the weight limit for safety.

All the machines in our fleet have their safe working load listed. On average, the small to mid-sized machines can carry 200-230kg (31 stone 7 lbs to 36 stone 3 lbs.) As the machines get larger, they can carry more weight.

However, if you require any lifting of greater than 300kg, you will probably require a truck mounted cherry picker for the outriggers and stabilisers. For example, our 75m truck mount has a SWL of 600kg, whereas the 1850AJ, one of the largest cherry pickers in the world, has a SWL of 227kg.

There is a basket safe working limit which would be specified in the manual and on the datasheet attached to the machine. So long as this is not exceeded, there will be no problem with carrying most operators.

Most harnesses are designed to carry up to 100kg of weight, but alternatives are available. Just ask your AFI contact which harness is right for you.

Ensure that the cherry picker you are using is designed for it to move with the platform raised or extended. There are many machines which are designed with this function in mind, but please check before you hire.

Not only this, but you should also walk the route before you use your cherry picker. Although you will have made many assessments of the site prior to your hire (and we offer a site survey to ensure you get the right machine for your site), a continuous risk analysis is important to maintain safety. It ensures that any uneven surfaces, overhanging power lines or loose tree branches, and other obstacles are accounted for.

If there are any uneven surfaces on the route, bear in mind that any knocks or shakes will be magnified in the basket and this could be a danger to any workers on the platform. Catapulting is a real hazard of working at height and steps should be taken to minimise this.

Moving over uneven surfaces could also cause the machine to become unstable. If possible, choose another route or lower the boom before crossing those sections.

Never move any MEWP up or down a slope with the platform raised. The centre of balance of the machine moves up when the platform is raised, making it much easier to topple on a slope which would be easily traversed with the platform lowered.

It is always safer to use a banksman or responsible person at ground level to give directions if you are moving a cherry picker using controls within the cage. They can ensure the area around the machine remains clear and there are no obstacles blocking movement.

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