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3 simple AFI digital solutions that make your job easier

Digital Solutions

The management of powered access machinery at construction sites or industrial sites can be challenging. But innovative use of digital technology, such as apps and online portals, saves time, enhances productivity and reduces costs of renting and operating machinery.

That is why we created the AFI Online Portal and AFI App that helps you hire and off-hire machines, view invoices, and other account details-accessible anytime and anywhere 24/7. Our digital solutions can help make your job easier in the following ways:


  • Manage your Powered Access Machine Hire More Effectively 
    Construction projects or industrial sites naturally have a lot of machinery on-site, which presents challenges such as keeping track of rental contracts and invoices. The traditional way of managing this process requires calling the hire company, but with our AFI App or AFI Online Portal, you can manage this process wherever you have internet access.


  • Available Anywhere and Anytime on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile
    While our AFI Online Portal is very useful for office-based employees such as those in purchasing, many others are out on site, such as site managers and contractors. These individuals can now access most of the portal’s functionality through the AFI App, providing further convenience


  • Making Informed Decisions About Powered Access Hire
    Many companies still only look at the daily hire price of the powered access equipment. However, the lowest-priced machine will not help address the many hidden costs and unknown variables, such as length of contract changes which accompany many construction jobs.

    The AFI App and AFI Online Portal are designed to help customers make truly informed decisions, by thinking not just about the daily hire rate price, but the entire cost of the hire. Customers are also able to off hire machines outside of normal working hours and will receive instant confirmation by email. By giving our customers better insight into these costs, we can help our customers be even more efficient

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