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Law change to ban any use of hand-held mobile phones whilst driving

Law change to ban any use of hand-held mobile phones whilst driving

Government set to update UK law to ban drivers from using mobile phones in any way, not just calling and texting whilst driving.

Ban any use of hand-held mobile phones while driving

It will become illegal for anyone to pick up and use their mobile phone while driving, under new legislation to be enacted next year. The change will end a loophole that can allow drivers to escape punishment for using a hand-held phone to take a photo or play a game.

At present, making phone calls and sending text messages are banned while driving. Under the new law drivers will still be able to use devices hands-free under the plans. Mobiles will also still be  permitted for drive-through takeaway payment. 

While drivers will no longer be allowed to use handheld phones, hands-free phones and other devices haven't been banned, so drivers can continue to make calls on loudspeaker and use hands-free sat-navs.

Since smartphones have become more powerful, arguably the issue has become more prevalent. These changes are therefore due to come into force after a 12-week public consultation, and will allow police to take immediate action if they see a driver holding and/or using a phone at the wheel. The offence will incur a £200 fine and six points on the driver’s licence.


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Source of this article: Barbour EHS, October 23 2020:



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