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AFI has extended its range of powered access machine familiarisation videos by producing videos to cover self drive truck and track mounts. Press Release - AFI Produces Machine Familiarisation Videos For Truck and Track Mounts

The new videos will help operators familiarise themselves with the features of the following machines in AFI’s Wilson Access fleet:

•  CTE ZED21JH self drive truck mount

• CTE TRAccess 135 track mount

• Hinowa Goldlift 14.40 and 17.80 track mounts

• Teupen Leo 18GT and Teupen Leo 21GT track mounts.

Brian Parker, AFI Business Development Manager, Technical Support, is the presenter featured in each video. He said: “The machines featured all come under the IPAF Category 1B Static Booms but the differences between the five machine models is vast.

“An operator may have passed his 1B on a small van mount or trailer mounted MEWP but may then need to operate a 20m track mount, with a one inch thick manual that he’s supposed to read. That’s why our machine familiarisation videos are proving to be so successful – through filming, a voice over and images, we show an operator what is required to operate a specific machine or family of machines.”

The new videos cover an introduction to the machines, specifications and warnings,
pre use checks, function checking and operating the controls, emergency lowering procedures for rescues, and, where fitted, secondary guarding.

“We give particular emphasis to the correct use of outrigger pads because for both truck and track mounts incorrect use can result in the machines overturning. Manoeuvring is another important aspect because in the case of track mounts you have to get the machine to the area of work. In the stowed position the track mount may be just 0.78m wide but 2m high so the centre of gravity is high and the machine could overturn if operated incorrectly or if the operator is not following industry guidance, particularly if driving over sloping or uneven terrain,” said Brian.

Any operator, supervisor, project manager or safety manager can view the videos on a smart device by scanning a QR code on the Wilson Access machine or by viewing them online at: www.wilsonaccess.co.uk/fam

Contractors can now also have the familiarisation link sent as part of their confirmation email or add the QR code and link to their website so that their staff or sub-contractors can have pre-familiarisation before the MEWP even gets to site. The videos can also be used by principal contractors as part of their induction process or method statement to demonstrate that they have taken steps to ensure machine familiarisation.

AFI’s initial 37 MEWP familiarisation videos have been viewed over 4,000 times since their launch in June 2016.

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