The importance of staying calm in an emergency | AFI-Uplift

The rescuer becomes the rescued!

Keith Podd, one of AFI’s regional delivery drivers, embodies the qualities our company strives for. He’s always willing to go the extra mile for customers and he is always friendly, helpful, and professional. But it’s not just customers that benefit from Keith’s willingness to help - he was involved in saving a stranded motorist in sub-zero temperatures during the Beast from the East storm in 2018.

Unfortunately, incidents can sometimes occur in the workplace, and while AFI’s Accident Frequency Rate (AFR) has been consistently low for a number of years now with 2020 being our lowest ever AFR, accidents can still happen.

Keith accidentally fell over while at work recently, hit his head, and was knocked unconscious. To make matters worse, the head injury resulted in him swallowing his tongue. The tables had turned and this occasion it was Keith who was in desperate need of a helping hand.

Fortunately, fellow drivers Dean Eason and Steve Todd were close by. They quickly administered first aid, cleared his airway, and placed him in the recovery position while they waited for an ambulance.

Thanks to their quick thinking, immediate response and coolness under pressure, Keith is now fully recovered and back at work – a testament to the power of teamwork at its best. Without doubt the circumstances facing Dean and Steve were frightening but their willingness to act instantly and help a colleague in distress is commendable. Without their intervention the situation could have been much more serious.

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