Fast Delivery

fast cherry picker delivery

We can deliver to your site on time, every time. Our Essential and Core range of machines are available for delivery 24 and 48 hours after placing an order during working hours.

Our 24hr Essentials Rage* applies to the following Powered Access machines:

Push Around Verticals - 3.60m – 4.55m

Scissor Lifts – 5.60m – 11.75m

Articulating Boom Lifts – 15.77m

Our 48hr Core Rage* applies to the following Powered Access machines:

Mast Lists – 4.90m – 10.00m

Scissor Lifts – 9.92m – 17.24m

Articulating Boom Lifts – 10.89m – 20.46m

Stick Booms – 15.44m – 22.31m

Add in Look out for the 24hr and 48hr symbols image For further information or to arrange your MEWP hire email us at 24hours@afi-uplift.co.uk

*24 hours is from point of order to point of delivery – i.e. Mon am order, Tue am delivery. 24 hours delivery only applies for orders within 30 miles of our depot radius. This offer is automatically available to customers subject to strong credit rating