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PASMA Training

In addition to our IPAF training, AFI is also able to provide PASMA certified training.

PASMA Towers For Users

Universally acknowledged as the definitive industry standard, for users of alloy towers, the PASMA Towers User course and Code of Practice, have been completely updated to incorporate the requirements of the Work at Height Regulations 2005. This one day course is designed to enable delegates to assemble, dismantle and correctly position the tower proficiently and safely for the task in hand.

PASMA Towers For Users courses currently available include
Course Date Location
14/06/2021 Peterborough
15/06/2021 Rothwell (South Leeds)
15/06/2021 Scotland
16/06/2021 Milton Keynes
17/06/2021 London West
18/06/2021 North East
18/06/2021 Liverpool (Facelift)
21/06/2021 East Midlands
21/06/2021 Peterborough
22/06/2021 London West
22/06/2021 Rothwell (South Leeds)
22/06/2021 Milton Keynes
22/06/2021 North East
23/06/2021 Liverpool (Facelift)
23/06/2021 Midlands Training Centre
23/06/2021 North East
23/06/2021 Scotland
24/06/2021 London East
25/06/2021 Rapid Platforms
25/06/2021 Winchester