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Machine Accessories & Safety

WorkZone is a range of professional products designed for Powered Access to aid and protect those who work at height and to keep the machines secure.

Our safety range include:
  • SanctuaryZone
  • SmartZone
  • KeyZone
  • CarryZone
Our WorkZone range offers:
  • Cost-effective and robust solutions that are simple to operate and easy to install
  • Approved products designed to protect operators
  • Innovative features that ensure machines are kept secure and prevent unauthorised use
  • Developments to aid and support operators whilst working or installing at height
  • Products that are designed to work with the majority of makes and models.
Developed by AFI, SanctuaryZone is a Tier 1 secondary guarding device which prevents a MEWP operator from being crushed when working at height, rather than reacting to the crushing once it has happened. It comprises steel frames that project above the machine platform, stopping any overhead obstruction from crushing the operator. SanctuaryZone can be fitted to all manufacturers’ machines, is fully adjustable and CE approved.

Click here to view SanctuaryZone in action

The SmartZone card reader system improves safety and security for contractors and operators of MEWPs by controlling access to the machines.
  • Full audit trails of machine use and operators
  • Locks and unlocks from the operator’s SmartCard
  • Flexible multiple or single user access
  • Will not work with alternative machine control boxes
  • Prevents unauthorised machine use
  • Works with IPAF SmartCard.
Click here to view SmartZone in action

Prevents unauthorised machine use. The stand-alone unit locks and unlocks the machine’s upper control functions and is available as a pre-fitted option on our hire fleet.
  • Locks and unlocks a MEWP’s upper control functions
  • 8 digit pin number, 100 million combinations, with up to 200 individual user defined passwords at the same time
  • Will not work with alternative machine control boxes.
This multi-functional product is designed to safely restrain and hold materials in place, allowing freedom of movement for the operator without any intrusion into the platform deck area. All components are interchangeable and fully CE approved.
  • Pipe Stand
  • Each jaw bracket has a lashing strap that can either gather and bundle loose materials and tubing, or restrain larger single items such as ducting/beams. The hard wearing shock absorbing pads reduce slip and prevent damage to any materials carried.
  • Board Carrier
  • Designed for safe and controlled lifting of boards.
  • Cable Reel
  • Designed for safe and controlled storage and spooling of cables.

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