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Machine Accessories & Safety

We have a range of secondary guarding options available for MEWPs in our hire fleet. From sensors, that when activated, stop all functions in use at the time, to systems that alert the operator to potential crushing, our secondary guarding systems are all manufactured with the operator's safety in mind.

  • Harnesses & Lanyards
  • Paint Protection
  • Wheel Covers
  • Nappies
  • Onboard Power to Platform
  • Chalwyn Valves / Shut Off Valves
  • Material Handling
  • SmartZone
  • KeyZone
Harnesses & Lanyards

harnessesThe HSE, IPAF and AFI recommend that a full body harness with an adjustable restraint lanyard is used and correctly attached when working from a boom type platform.The HSE, IPAF and AFI recommend that a full body harness with an adjustable restraint lanyard is used and correctly attached when working from a boom type platform.

Developed for maximum comfort and manoeuvrability specifically for use in access equipment. Our harness and adjustable restraint lanyards are easy to fit and complies with all current legislation.

The full body harness can carry a max weight of 136kg and is accredited to EN:361. Our 1.5m adjustable restraint lanyard are accredited to EN:354. The lanyards are not sold individually, only sold with a harness.

Sizes Chest
Small 36 - 42"
Medium 42 - 50"
Large 50 - 54"
X-Large 54 - 58"
Custom Made Customers Specification
Paint Protection

paint protectionBarrier wax can be applied to safeguard machines against paint damage.

The machine can be covered in a barrier wax film to protect against light overspray.

Protecting your machine with a protective wax prior to delivery can save you costly overspray charges.

Under normal conditions the coat lasts for up to two weeks.

Wheel Covers

When non-marking tyres are not an option, wheel covers are ideal for indoor use when you need to protect the floor surface from unsightly black marks caused by the tyres of a machine.


  • They are universal and can be used on any size of tyre in our MEWP fleet.
  • Simple three stage process to fit to the tyres.
  • Can be reused multiple times.

wheel covers


nappiesNappies help to protect your working areas from oil deposits should your machine develop a leak.

Positioned under the machine, nappies help to protect the working area, keeping it clean and free from oil deposits.


  • Vehicle nappies can be manufactured to customer’s specification or can be supplied as a standard size.
  • Made from durable PVC which can be washed down after use and re-used again.
Onboard Power to Platform

Many diesel MEWPs come with an onboard generator, removing the risk of trailing cables being scattered across the work floor or hanging from the platform, and the need to hire a separate generator.

The generator can be switched on or isolated on the control panel in the basket as required.


An inverter converts DC power to AC Power: This allows a permanent flow of 110v power through a plug located in the basket allowing the operator a constant stream of power without the trailing cables.

The power source is active at all time.

Chalwyn Valves / Shut Off Valves

The valve is designed to safely detect and shut down the engine in the event of external hazardous fumes, vapours or gases being drawn into the engine through the airflow intake.

These devices are normally mandatory for any diesel powered machine working in petrochemical environments.



Material Handling

Board carriers The board carrier is designed to maximize productivity. The board carrier is designed specifically for applications that require holding and lifting sheet materials.

It is a safe and simple solution, making lifting material easier, less strenuous and quicker while leaving the platform free for tools, other light material and personnel.


 Max sheet size: 15mm x 1.2m x 2.5m  Max workload weight: 45kg


  • Fitted to Skyjack Series III scissors:

    • SJ3219

    • SJ3220

    • SJ4626

  • Easy to fit.

Click here to download Skyjack's board carrier product sheet PDF.

Pipe Stands – Diesel Scissors

The pipe stands for diesel scissors are designed to aid the safe and controlled lifting of materials during the installation of overhead pipe work for larger installations. These can be used on a range of larger Skyjack diesel scissor lifts.


  • Suitable for use with a range of Skyjack diesel scissor lifts, with working heights from 31 - 50ft.

  • Adjustable for height and width to suit application.

  • Reduces the need for manual handling.

  • Aids productivity.

Pipe Carriers – Electric Scissors

The pipe carriers for electric scissors aides the fitting of pipe work installations for smaller projects when utilising a small to medium range of Skyjack electric scissor lifts.


  • Suitable for use on a range of Skyjack electric scissor lifts.

  • Reduces the need for manual handling.

  • Pipes/conduit max diameter 40mm.

  • Aids potential productivity.


SmartZone, a system developed by Infobric, controls and monitors the use of powered access and gives the hirer full visibility of equipment and people.

  • Contractors have full control.

  • Access by “Smart Card” technology.

  • Visible audit trail of machine usage and operator competency.

  • Flexible multi or single user access.

  • Will not work with alternative machine control boxes.

  • Links to other Infobric software controlling access, power, storage and environmental controls.

Click here to view SmartZone in action 

SmartZone product specification PDF
SmartZone case study


KeyZone prevents unauthorised MEWP use. The stand alone unit locks and unlocks the machine’s upper control functions and is available as a pre fitted option on our rental fleet.

KeyZone benefits:

  • 8 digit passwords, 100 million possibilities, 200 user defined combinations.

  • Keypads are small, secure and use Piezo technology (so no moving parts)

  • Vandal and tamper resistant with lock out facility.

  •  Anodised graphics provide wear resistance and long life operation.

  •  Operates at temperatures -40°F to + 250°F.

  • “AFI Safe Start” technology so other control boxes do not work.

Click here to download product specification PDF.