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Telehandler Hire

We offer a wide range of telehandler machines to deal with loading, unloading, moving site equipment or clearing sites. Our selection includes both Manitou and JCB machines.

We have telehandlers ranging from 5m to 20m lift heights with load capacities from 2.4 tonne to 12 tonne. Contact us today for more information or to book your telehandler.

  • High reaching
  • Versatile machines
  • Range of rotating handlers available
  • 4 x 4 options
  • Used in a variety of applications such as industrial, building and landscape jobs




4 Metre Telehandler

JCB 520-40

Weight: 4,400 kg

Maximum Lift Height: 4.03 m



5 Metre Telehandler

Dieci Apollo

Weight: 4,800 kg

Maximum Lift Height: 5.75 m



6 Metre Telehandler

JCB 926-930

Weight: 5,910 kg

Maximum Lift Height: 6.61 m



7 Metre Telehandler

JCB 531-70

Weight: 7,060 kg

Maximum Lift Height: 7.00 m



10 Metre Telehandler

JCB 533-105

Weight: 8,850 kg

Maximum Lift Height: 10.22 m



14 Metre Telehandler

JCB 535-140

Weight: 10,880 kg

Maximum Lift Height: 13.78 m



17 Metre Telehandler

JCB 540-170

Weight: 12,060 kg

Maximum Lift Height: 16.70 m



20 Metre Telehandler

JCB 540-200

Weight: 12,985 kg

Maximum Lift Height: 20.00 m



20 Metre Telehandler

Manitou MRT2150

Weight: 16,095 kg

Maximum Lift Height: 20.60 m



23 Metre Telehandler

Merlo Roto-6024

Weight: 18,750 kg

Maximum Lift Height: 23.90 m



24 Metre Telehandler

Manitou MRT2540

Weight: 17,165 kg

Maximum Lift Height: 24.60 m



26 Metre Telehandler

Merlo Roto-4026

Weight: 16,050 kg

Maximum Lift Height: 26.00 m



30 Metre Telehandler

Merlo Roto-4030

Weight: 19,200 kg

Maximum Lift Height: 29.50 m


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A telehandler, or telescopic handler, is a machine which is designed for moving loads to and from places which would be out of reach of most conventional machines, such as a forklift. Many of our customers are in the construction industry, where these telehandlers are used to move panes of glass into position, manoeuvre heavy goods to where they need to go, as well as moving waste material across site.

Telehandlers are ideal for many applications. Whether it is for construction, facilities management, or general-purpose material handling, these machines are built to do theat job incredibly well. They are often built to last, and we can provide machines with rugged, off-road capabilities. This makes them a great addition to many worksites as they augment cherry pickers, and other plant machines such as excavators.

A Forklift is useful in many instances, but many are built for indoor use only. Because of this, their small, non-marking tyres are ill-suited for many of the situations that a telehandler might find itself in. For example, many of our telehandlers have are rough-terrain capablcapabilitye and come equipped for more adverse use, such as an enclosed cabin. On a more basic level, they are built differently: a forklift has an up-and-down motion to its forks, while a telehandler can use its boom to act as a crane, when accompanied with the correct attachment, making it suited for all kinds of material movement.

When accompanied with an operatoroperated in a cherry picker, telehandlers can be used precisely, and improve safety - while also improving productivity.

To operate a telehandler, you must be appropriately trained on the machine you intend to use. However, general training is available. With ITS Training you can learn how to operate telehandlers with the Fork Lift Trucks scheme. You can see more about that here

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