Health & Safety is a cornerstone of the AFI group of companies, and we are committed to promoting good Health & Safety practice to our customers and the wider market.

As part of this strong commitment to Health & Safety every quarter we run a webinar giving you helpful information on current topics of interest for those that use Powered Access.

Your webinar presenter is Brian Parker, our Business Development Manager, Technical Support. Brian has held senior health and safety roles within the working at height sector for nearly 20 years, including 11 years as a senior IPAF training instructor.

He is an IPAF Council member and a past Chairman and current member of IPAF's Training Committee, as well as sitting on the Strategic Forum Plant Safety Group MEWPs Committee.

September 2019

Safety in wander leading MEWPS

Durring this webinar Brian covers some of the reasons wander leading happens, the hazards and risks, what you can do to mitigate against wander leading, the accidents associated with it, statistics and then also covers training and familiarisation of controls.

July 2019

5 Tips to Reduce MEWP Downtime from Electrical Breakdowns

During this webinar, delegates will learn various tips to reduce downtime caused by electrical breakdowns, how to assess hazards versus risk and personal safety, and how to check and maintain batteries. Delegates will also have the opportunity during the webinar, to ask any questions to Brian.

May 2019

MEWP pre-use and function checks – ticking the box?

During this webinar Brian Parker covers what you need to check on your MEWP/cherry picker, before using it, to ensure that it is safe and legal; how pre-use checks should be carried out and the things that supervisors and MEWP managers should be looking for during walkabout inspections.

November 2018

The safe use of mobile access towers and low level podiums 

The safe use of mobile access towers and low-level podiums.

Mobile access towers are extremely versatile products capable of providing safe access for a wide range of tasks. During our webinar we will be discussing the forthcoming changes to tower product standard EN1004, and make clear why you should always inspect a mobile access tower and what to record. The session will also provide insight into the changes for low-level access following the introduction of BS8620 and a review of the top five mistakes people make when using mobile access towers but also how to avoid them.



August 2018

Rescue plan for working at height

Hazards associated with the use of MEWPs
When working at height it is a legal requirement to have a rescue plan. Once a rescue plan is prepared and disseminated how many would actually work and more importantly how many are rehearsed. 


May 2018

Hazards associated with the use of MEWPs

This webinar will cover the most common hazards when using MEWPs. This will include delivery, transporting, positioning, use and maintenance of MEWPs which is identified in the BS8460 Code of Practice – Safe Use of MEWPs. 


February 2018

The New BS 8460 2017 Code of Practice for the Safe use of MEWPs

In October 2017 the new BS 8460:2017 Code of Practice was released by BSI following 18 months of development and industry consultation. Our webinar this month aims to take you through the main changes highlighting key areas which if you are involved with MEWPs as a MEWP hirer, user or manager should be aware of. With ever-increasing fines and potential custodial sentences possible for failing to comply with Health and Safety law, or huge fines for not even injuring someone but putting them at risk, it is now more than ever important to have safety at the top of your businesses agenda.

September 2017

Engine Emissions for MEWPs in London

How Non Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM) can affect MEWP use and what you need to consider when selecting, managing and using MEWPs in London.

June 2017

Managing the safe condition of a Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPS)

How to ensure that MEWPs are kept in safe working condition they will require suitable maintenance procedures. Backed up with appropriate inspection and thorough examination. This new guidance sets out how these procedures can be planned and managed and is clear on who has what responsibilities to do so. It also helps demystify who is responsible for what, when a MEWP is on hire.

March 2017

CPA Terms & Conditions – What are you signing for?

In this webinar Brian discusses:

  • - The importance of the CPA terms
  • - What they mean when hiring MEWPs and plant
  • - The sections of the terms in detail
  • - Advice and best practices to ensure safe working and correct processes
  • - The do’s and don’ts when abiding by the T&C's